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Introduction of new name for SenZ2: “Staal Instruments B.V.”

October 3, 2019 - 15:23

With proud we present our new company name and group name “Staal”. At the same time, we would like to inform you about our new company structure:

  • SenZ2 B.V. is replaced by “Staal Instruments B.V.”.
  • All activities of Omniradar continue under the name of “Staal Technologies B.V”.
  • Staal Technologies B.V. and Staal Instruments B.V. both are subsidiaries of “Staal Group B.V.”.

In this letter we would like to explain what this means for you.

Ready for tomorrow!

SenZ2 started in 2015 with the development of a wireless level monitoring solution based on Omniradar’s unique radar technology. In 2018 this has led to the market introduction of the world’s first wireless level radar using Omniradar’s 60GHz ASIC. To gain more radar knowledge and control over the radar ASIC production, in 2018 SenZ2 took over all the activities of the Omniradar company.

Today we both are subsidiaries of Staal Group B.V., focusing on our own customers and market segments. We combine our knowledge and expertise in order to make radar technology easily accessible for you:

  • Staal Instruments B.V. (f.k.a. SenZ2) has extensive experience applying radar level instrumentation in the field and supplies the radar instruments with the associated cloud platform and applications.
  • Staal Technologies B.V. (f.k.a. Omniradar) features deep radar knowledge and supplies the 60GHz radar ASICs with accessories and support.

Radar Made Simple!

There is an ever-growing need for sensing and automation, both in the public as well as the industry domains. Data plays an increasingly important role, in daily operations, planning and reporting. Professional organizations expect to be able to make choices based on reliable data.

At Staal Group B.V. we are convinced that radar is a very promising technology, it is compact, powerful and a reliable data source for many processes. Our goal is to make radar technology accessible for many application domains and industries. The Staal team is very much looking forward to making this radar technology also work for you!

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