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Build strong customer relations with remote monitoring

Offcourse safety is the number 1 priority when it comes to the distribution and handling of chemicals. To meet these high safety standards Staal Instruments introduces a non-invasive and non-contact level-measurement method for a broad spectrum of chemicals. For chemicals packed in plastic composite containers like PE drums or IBC’s, Staal Instruments provides a strap-on sensor solution; installed in seconds, always connected.

With remote fill-level monitoring, even on the small containers, distributors are able to get deeper insights in the inventory and usage profile of their customers. This can impact their business in many ways:

  • Production planning: With these new insights forecasts will get even more accurate.
  • Route optimisation: Even when the customer didn’t call, it could be more efficient to deliver today.
  • Customer services: Give customers access to their inventory data and usage profiles.
  • Customer relations: Retain customers by integration of automatic order process.

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