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21583245 - worker of urban municipal recycling garbage collector truck loading waste and trash bin

Circular economy starts with smart collection

For the circular economy to succeed, in many cases the recycled material has to compete with the price of virgin material.

Therefore an important link in the in the circular economy is the collection of waste materials. In the Netherlands alone we spend €1.4B in 2014 to collect 8Mt of public waste. For all stakeholders involved it is important to reduce these collection costs to increase the re-use of materials.

Waste separation at the source has positive effects on the re-use of materials but will lead to even more collection vehicle movements by the haulers. Therefore real-time insights in fill-levels of collection systems will play a crucial role to:

Reduce mileage;

Reduce the pressure on city centers;

Reduce CO2 emissions.

And for municipal waste management in smart cities this is only the beginning. When the data is there, disrupters will find new ways to connect the dots and change our way of waste collection.

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