Solution: Smart & Efficient Waste Collection


Application Description

Staal Instruments provides a complete solution to optimise the waste collection process. Highly accurate insights are given on container fill-levels with the unique wireless level radar. This reliable source of information, together with the route optimisation application will result in direct operational cost savings. Beside, complaints about full containers can be avoided effectively. Through a significant reduction in emissions, road wear, vehicle wear, noise pollution and work hours, Staal Instruments provides cities as well as commercial waste collectors 50% in direct cost savings in waste logistics.

Application Features

Application Types / Liquids (water, oil, sludge) &  Solids (waste, metal, textile, paper, glass, plastic)

Connectivity / Wireless, global coverage

Update frequency / 1 – 24 messages a day

Measurement Frequency / 1 – 96 measurements a day

Logging storage / 10.000 measurements

Sensor Type / Wireless Level Radar WLR05-2G/001

Battery life-time / 1 – 10  years (depending on measurement frequency)

Infrastructure needed / no

Data Platform / webbased responsive user interface

3rd Party Platform connections / Container Management Systems, Intranets, your platform?[/one_half]

Wireless Level Radar

Based on radar technology Staal Instruments introduces the most accurate and cost efficient fill-level monitoring solution. With it’s long battery-life, applicable and profitable in almost every industry application.

Global Connectivity

Staal’s modular design enables the device to provide the most reliable connectivity solution available.

Real-Time Insights

With it’s secure on-line cloud platform actionable information is provided to all stakeholders. Full control over business processes with real-time alerts, trend analyses, adaptive planning and reporting.

Our added value with radar technology

Our wireless radar-based, industry grade (fill-)level sensing solutions are enabling innovation and new business. Learn more about our portfolio depicted below.