Wireless Level Radar

The first truly wireless radar level transmitter.

The WLR05-2G is the first truly wireless radar level transmitter to measure water levels and fill-levels remotely. With the latest 60Ghz radar-on-chip technology the WLR05-2G is unbeatable when it comes to accuracy, reliability and versatility. This accessible radar technology immediately obsolete’s known technologies as ultrasonic level transmitters and hydrostatic loggers. It’s long battery-life, global connectivity and robust submersible housing makes this sensor ideal for use across different remote measurement applications where no infrastructure is available.

Product specifications

Sensor Type / Radar

Radar Frequency / 60 GHz

Application Types / fluids and solids: water, wastewater, chemicals, waste materials, food, feed, bulk solids, etc.

Measurement Range / 50 mm – 5000 mm

Accuracy / 2 mm

Beam Angle / 8°

Protection Class / IP 68

Connectivity / wireless, global coverage, 2-way

Update frequency / 1 – 24 messages a day

Measurement intervals / adjustable from every 15min to every 24h

Logging storage / 10.000 measurements

Battery life-time / 1 – 10 years (depending on usage)

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